You have the option of choosing from several styles of windows that vary in cost the durability, material, and. In this YouTube clip, Matt Risinger goes over various material styles you can pick. Explore the different types and which one may be ideal for you and your home.

Vinyl windows are one of the most sought-after types in America. If you’re interested in decorating your windows the vinyl material makes it a little more difficult. Also, they don’t have the most durability, particularly when it gets hot.

Fiberglass has more visual clarity in comparison to vinyl. Matt Risinger believes fiberglass has the greatest market value in windows of all types.

There are two kinds of aluminum which you can purchase. There’s a lower-cost model and one that is more expensive. If the window from aluminum does not have the thermal break, he recommends that you do not purchase the window. This makes sure the performance on the thermal side is satisfactory.

Finally, you have wood frames. This kind of Marvin frame is made of aluminum and had been factory-finished, meaning it will last many years. Wood has also a superior thermal efficiency.