The chalk line should be the strip that starts. Leave a 1/4-inch gap between the starting strip and the wall. After putting the starting strip up, put the corner pieces 3/8 inch lower than the wall. The vinyl soffit must be permitted to grow below the eaves, if you’ve got other accessories.

It is recommended to leave 1/4 inch distance between the corners of the posts in addition to the ends. The post must be at least 3/4 inches over the strip. Same as inner corner posts. Loosely nail and splice.

Cut windows and doors by using J-channel on all four sides. Attach the casing on the wall. After that, you can make bottom and side J-channels in line with the side. Cut the drain tab and make it bend.

Your goal is to go around windows and doors, all the way up and around. Apply nailing under-sill trims to the wall at the ends of the eaves. Secure the top panel with an eaves snap lock. Nail the J-channel to the sidewall flush with the Gable. Join it by using the siding panel. Place it on the side with a gable, and you’re good to go. To get all the details check out the complete video.