It is most remarkable the way the pool builder utilizes simple tools, such as a wood digging device to break up soil, and uses his fingers to remove any excess dirt as he digs further. To smooth out and smooth the walls of his pool it is also a knife attached to a piece wood. It is possible to hear peaceful forest sounds like chirping birds while you watch the builder do his best under the scorching sun to construct staircases inside the deep round hole. He will still use his hands throughout excess soil when he creates large rectangular pillars that run along the walls of the pool. After the day is over, and the nights come back, you can watch as the builder creates shelves that are large enough to house an ember or lighting. The small openings, sized like palms on the staircases are designed by the man. He is always throwing out any excess soil in his hands.
This captivating video will keep viewers watching from beginning to end, waiting and seeing how the artist uses basic tools to curve and create an awesome underground pool may even be a dream to splash around in and relax! qjstkjb35z.