Funerals are difficult to hold virtually. It’s not easy for people in a group to be together to discuss a disease. It is possible that people can view the funeral live online, if we make use of media. If you want to create an exclusive funeral viewing group one can make use of Facebook. Go to your profile and scroll down to “see more.” You can create a group on Facebook and invite the people that you’d like to view the funeral. People can also request to be a part of the group. Options will come up and you can select settings. There will be options to switch the groups tab in the background and turn it off. After it’s switched on the user can select “save” to go back to the home page. Then click “See more” when you’ve returned back to your page. There will be a button for creating groups. The group can be named as you like. Generally, it is an honorific name for the family. The privacy option allows you to expose the information or keep it secret. The group can be made accessible or not by choosing this option. The group can be created. Once you have created the group include a photo in order to personalize it. tbxcd15azh.