The first issue is door clearance. flaw in design for kitchens. The kitchen is often the heart of the home,it’s essential to make sure that your openings and the passageways are tall as well as wide enough to fit at least two people , and especially your kitchen appliances (if they need to be relocated). It is important to ensure that your doors are at least 6 feet tall and at least the same length or wider.

The Work Triangle
A common error is to have set walking distances that are separated between the most commonly used kitchen appliances. It is the place where cooks will have the most time in the kitchen. So, it is best to design your total walk that is not greater than 27 feet inside the working triangle.

Cabinet Space
One common mistake is installing cabinets that have inadequate depth or space. It can be impossible for dishes, bowls and other kitchen utensils to store. Professional home designers recommend that your cabinets are at least 24 inches wide and deep. But, be careful to limit that to far, else you might not be able to access your kitchen appliances. 5sgfapqk27.