A Trigger coating is your best option. Coatings aid in keeping your gun appearing smooth and give the appearance of a higher quality than what you might have had before. Before working to coat your trigger however, you have to be certain that your trigger has been properly polished. In this tutorial we will go over some specific steps for trigger polishing.

Polishing helps get rid of any lingering oxidation that may occur during the fabrication process. There is a chance the possibility that oxidation causes an increase in rust. To do this the first step is to get polishing tools, sandpaper and a set of polishing wheels. If you don’t own the equipment required to do this, it’s ideal to leave the process to professionals.

The first step is to use the stone in order prepare the trigger be polished. Next, use the sandpaper in order to speedily buff the trigger. Add some grease to the trigger before finishing it with the polishing wheel. co6skeiq1x.