The repair method could cause harm to the bond you want. The use of a broom with a coarse texture can hinder the bond you want utilized to sweep the roof to remove any debris before you begin. After the roof has been cleared of dirt, apply primer with a paint roller.

Simply spread the primer on the roof and spread it evenly. Then, use the paint roller to move it around. To do this job be sure to use more primer than you think you need. The excess primer won’t bring any advantages, it just makes it take longer to dry. Once the roof is dry then you’ll need to add the fibreglass scrim. The scrim should be applied in the middle of the primer prior to applying the sealant for your roof. Prior to applying the sealant, mix the sealant to ensure it is even. This is essential because you don’t want any liquids that are left from the sealant adhering onto the bottom of your barrel. It is possible to apply the sealant by brush. This sealant is likely to stick onto the surfaces due to prior processes.

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