An animal hospital beginning in the lobby through surgeries and a conversation on the phone with Dr. Nicole Bruno on the every day routine of veterinarian.

There are rooms for consultations for dogs and cats at the companion animal hospital, and a fully-stocked pharmacy and a lab in which they are able to perform all in-house blood tests and skin tests. Additionally, you can get vaccinations and digital scans. They provide boarding and small-scale operation.

The Dr. Nicole Bruno knew from at an early age she was destined to be a veterinarian and knew that the job didn’t only involve treating animals, but also putting them to rest. Her first step was to volunteer at local animal shelters and animal clinics to develop her knowledge of working with animals. She could benefit from the knowledge gained from volunteering when she moved into colleges, and later for vet schools.

Dr. Nicole Bruno states that the majority of her time consists of checking blood tests, taking x-rays, and calling pet owners. While she isn’t pursuing a specific area of expertise she says she is a renowned doctor. Nicole Bruno enjoys dental, dermatology and medicine.

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