ports teams, and offer an schooling that conforms to religious convictions. Catholic schools boast a completion rate of around 91%, with around 86% of graduates going on to a four-year college. Catholic schools may be tuition-based. This could be the cause of tuition credit. The class size is smaller in private schools . The school community can be more tight. All of it sounds great however, why have the enrollment dipped greatly over the last few years or so?

Some of these schools are struggling to stay in operation due to the lack of student. What do these schools need to accomplish to solve the problems?

This documentary from PBS analyzes the adjustments catholic schools should make to up enrollment. Check out this video to find out what problems these schools are experiencing and what are the actions that could be made to increase enrollment and have people become interested to Catholic education again as their child. Watch this video now for a unique look at the problems these schools are confronting.