furniture will wear out faster, and the more tear it picks up. The longer furniture is used, the more it deteriorates most notably in rooms with a lot of sunshine. There is no need to replace your sofas or chairs, however, you can bring your leather furniture to their original appearance through our suggestions.

The first step is to have at minimum three shades of spray. There are a variety of shades and coats. So you have to blend them all to ensure the greatest results.

Start with the most light shade and then spray about 1 foot from the area. Avoid spraying the affected region, but instead give it a light coating. Pay attention to not get threads trapped. The first coat should dry prior to applying the next coat.

Continue to layer, adding dark tones along the way. Keep your strokes short and aim for approximately one foot. When you have finished with the darkest layer, you can use a sealer to help the color last even longer.

The furniture made from leather will have some fading. But that doesn’t mean it is time to eliminate the discoloration. Repair it within a matter of ten minutes with this method. If you want to see a step-by-step guide to the process, click on the video below.