are made of the metal or wood with the former being more light and resistant to weather. The carriage garages have more room for cars to pass through as they’re equipped with top bars.

Vertical Panel Doors: Just as their name implies the vertical panel doors are constructed of panels that run vertically along either side of the door’s overhead frame. These garage doors have greater headroom than carriages due to the fact that they have only one panel at their bottom. These garage doors are also much more durable than other kinds of garage doors.

Sectional Garage Doors: This type of door has several panels. Depending on the model and manufacturer they can be operated automated or manually rolled up after your vehicle has entered or is removed from the garage. Sectional garage doors tend to come with less headroom however they weigh less than the other garage doors. They can also typically be mounted in tracks that can glide across the ceiling, allowing the doors to be able to open up while not taking up an excessive amount of room overhead.

As you may have noticed by their names Roll-up garage doors are another type of sectional garage door. They can be opened in a vertical manner when an automobile enters the garage. Garage doors that roll up, as the ones above, offer plenty in headroom. They glide across tracks that are attached to the ceiling. They can also be more challenging to install because they are not able to have a track installed in their tops.

What ever style you pick, here are the points to consider in the process of renovating your garage door.

Garage doors might not look great on all houses. Take note of existing styles in your neighborhood and discover what kinds of doors are used in the style.

If you’re only using the one garage door it is important to select a design that will match the overall appearance of your residence. If you are planning to have more than one garage