A sander is used to begin working with the primer and paint for the paint job. After you’ve eliminated any damage or any other flaws and imperfections, you are now ready to start the painting process. You are now ready to start your painting work. Of course, in order for a perfect solid paint job, the repair of the auto body needs to be carried out with care. There is a need to take away not only dents but any scratches which will show up on the surface of the paint. When you know the distinction between these twotypes of damage, you’ll have the ability to choose top quality bodywork as well as paintwork for the vehicle you are driving.

If the workshop is ready to begin the repair of the auto body and maintenance, the method will be dependent upon what you vehicle’s needs to get done. If any of the parts needing replacement They will be determined before work can begin. When the part is ordered then they’ll start to treat any scrapes, dents or scratches which can be repaired immediately. Technicians will apply body filler which fills in dents or cracks that can’t be fixed or sanded. Finally, when the car is ready it will get one more step to repaint any areas that are being worked on. 7j2bd6fm1a.