What do dentists actually do? What exactly is a dentist’s job? Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne gives us the specifics.

Your dentist does more than inspect your teeth. They will ensure that the entire mouth is well-maintained. Your neck, your head, as well as your ears can be examined to see if you have any issues that may cause discomfort. Sinus blockages can lead to irritation in your upper teeth. For example, a Holly Springs dentist, or dentist in any other location is able to address your concerns about keeping your mouth in good health and free of pain.

Dental professionals check the gums of your patients while they inspect your teeth. It is often overlooked how important it is to maintain your gums. Swollen gums or gums that bleed while brushing or flossing shouldn’t be overlooked. It is an indication of gum disease or infection.

A few dentists are equipped to carry out oral procedures, like removing wisdom teeth or fixing fractured teeth. There are also cosmetic dentists who can perform. This can involve anything from treatments for whitening your teeth, or even putting dental implants. Braces, as well as other devices can be fitted to the teeth of many dentists to improve their appearance.