There are only two options : bail and jail. You must be able to either pay for bail or be in jail until your scheduled court date. The wait could last for weeks or months of waiting. The process of paying bail involves going to work, and seeing your family. You can hire bail bond service providers if you are in a position to not pay for bail.

Bail bonds can be described as a loan. Bail bonds can be a form of loan. The bail company will make payment for the bail. You have to repay the bail company along with charges and interest. The average interest rate for bail bonds are 15 percent. Bail bonds debt collection agencies can pursue you if you do not pay the bail bond company. In certain states that debt collection agencies can garnish the wages of employees.

Make sure you do your research prior to deciding to choose a bail bond company. You can read online reviews and check for the Better Business Bureau in your area. If you’re represented by an attorney, you can ask them for recommendations. cvei4dp7b1.