Consult your dentist if you do not have a tooth that is missing, or several teeth. Ask if your dental surgeon can recommend implants for dental use.

It’s possible to ask “Are dental implants exactly the same as the natural teeth?” Implants last longer and are more likely to not develop cavities. Implants are identical to natural teeth, so no one will be able to discern the difference. You will however need sufficient bone mass in order to support the implants.

The doctor at the clinic prosthodontist will explain the anatomy of dental implants. An anchor is implanted into the jawbone. It slowly fuses with the bone. There is a connecting piece called the abutment. This joins the crown with the anchor. Both in appearance and color, the crown resembles the real tooth. Titanium is used to make anchors for dental implants. You can request a picture of an dental implant.

Getting dental implants is life-changing. Implants are stronger than traditional dentures, and they’re much easier to maintain. Make an appointment to discuss your options to replace missing teeth.