For a short time, but not forever. When you’ve determined that this house will be your home for the long haul, it is important to assess the roofing’s condition and the amount of previous repairs. You may need a roof replacement if your roof has suffered from many repairs. The best roofing contractor is a certified roofer to examine your roof. This will help you determine if your roof needs to be replaced or repaired.

If you’re planning to market your house in the near future there are other things to look into. While at first you might think that If you plan to sell your house, then there is no need to replace your roof. You may have to think about that again. The condition of your roof will make it harder to market the house you live in. If your roof has become damaged or removed from the roofing material, this may hinder selling. The curb appeal can help you increase the value of your home more than you realize. Be aware that prospective buyers will be able to remember the first time they visit your house.

Do You Have Coverage under an Warranty

The warranty or insurance for your roof could have a significant impact on your decisions. Typically a roof is going to come with two types of warranties on it. There are two types that warranties are offered: Contractor warranties and warranty from the manufacturer. Manufacturer warranties protect asphalt shingles that last for 25-30 years. They also offer lifetime and 50-year warranties. These warranties can help you choose between replacement or repair to your roofing of your home. Roof material is protected by the warranties. They do not cover the costs of the disposal. The future price for the items covered is prorated. You can upgrade your warranty so that it covers workmanship or a complete roofing replacement.

A contractor’s warranty usually includes the work your contractor has done to you. This type of warranty is specific to each contractor. When you have this type of warranty, it’s best to ask for it