nopause. Check out our video to find out the answers to questions you might ask when considering using HRT.

The hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a remedy which replenishes your body’s estrogen. It can be used for relieving symptoms such as sweating, hot flashes and hot flashes. HRT could also decrease vaginal dryness and sleep problems that could be signs of menopausal symptoms. Taking HRT will also lower the risk of getting osteoporosis in the future. Osteoporosis happens when the volume of the bone mass decreases. This is a common condition in postmenopausal women.

The body’s natural hormones can be controlled through hormone Replacement Therapy, which can enhance your mood. However, HRT does have its own disadvantages for instance, an increased risk of heart attacks or stroke however, they can be reduced by taking a lesser dose of the hormone. Consider the pros and cons that come with HRT with your doctor to learn how you can manage your hormones, and get relief from the symptoms of menopausal.