The nsions are 24 feet in width with a depth of 7 inches, there is an undergrade of 3 percent stabilized live soil, which gets compacted. Before concrete can be poured it is placed on 18-inch centers. The concrete is set in thirty hours, in contrast to the typical mix of concrete which may take three days. It is comparatively dry when it is poured so that it doesn’t run downhill that the workers would then need to work to put back.

Pouring concrete requires a variety of tools. A trowel, hand and edge along with concrete floats and two pieces of wood or aluminum are essential for pouring concrete. As the concrete creates an attractive finish and the float can be used to smooth any blemishes in the pour. A sidewalk may also be used depending on the task it’s for. This process is exactly the same, with only an additional marking of the concrete that will identify the various segments. The workers must cooperate in a timely manner for the perfect, final piece.