The video provides information on the necessity for thorough cleaning and the positive health effects. It also highlights areas where tartar can accumulate as well as the importance of having those areas examined regularly to ensure that you maintain excellent oral health.

It is recommended to floss and clean your teeth twice each day. This helps to remove foul odors and harmful bacteria that can lead to tooth decay as well as gum diseases. Although you may maintain good oral hygiene it is possible that you have areas that are difficult to wash, for example, the gum line. The need for professional assistance is to get rid of the plaque. This is usually done by a dental professional to eliminate tartar. To remove any stains your dentist polishes your teeth with a gritty paste. The doctor will floss your teeth to ensure that the areas between the teeth are in good condition. If the bacteria have impacted your gumline, your dentist can introduce root planing for cleaning the gum line to control infection and bolster the healing process. 625xytunit.