Foster children. They receive top-quality orthodontic care thanks to the foundations. At the same time, it helps them to expand and achieve their maximum potential. The non-profit charity aims at eliminate tooth decay as well as overcrowding in these children’s lives. The way to do this is by providing inexpensive dental treatments like braces made of metal that can be afforded to children who otherwise wouldn’t be able.

The foundation provides prorated billing services for children that do not have enough financial resources. Smile for Lifetime gives free fluoride treatments to ensure that children are in good dental overall health. Every child receives the toothbrush and floss. It is an excellent option to make sure children have their mouths clean and healthy. Smile For A Lifetime provides mental health referrals to children needing it.

The group encourages families to seek out therapy whenever needed to keep children well adjusted. A majority of children that Smile For A Lifetime deal with needing dental treatment because of tooth decay or excessive crowding. Children who don’t receive dental care suffer a greater chance of developing tooth decay than those who get it when they are young. There are many ways to avoid and treat tooth decay. To prevent tooth decay, you can by using a high-quality toothbrush and fluoride varnish.

Dental decay is also protected by eating nutritious food and avoiding sugary beverages like soda or juice. Smile For A Lifetime provides dentists for free to children attending public schools. The foundation partners with many dental specialists to provide no-cost dental care to children who need it with specific needs. Smile For A lifetime is proud that each patient receives individualized treatment from a highly experienced orthodontist or dentist. Cosmetic dentistry services of the highest quality is also provided by the foundation such as Invisalign , as well as dentures.

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