ife. No, we are not talking about water sports or the beach. Your body is composed of 60 of water. So, you’re most of the time made up of water. It’s a truly shocking thing to consider. The majority of us don’t drink enough water. All it takes is a drop to 58% to cause severe dehydration. This could cause various unpleasant consequences, such as headaches, exhaustion, and much more. But, there are numerous benefits of being well-hydrated. This video will explain why every medical professional stresses the importance of staying hydrated.

One of the benefits of staying hydrated is that you will have more energy. You will feel well-aware, awake and productive. This means that you can accomplish more tasks and perform better. Your happiness will increase and you’ll be more productive. You’ll become more accepting to people. The people around you will better understand you. Lastly, hydration improves your memory. You may still not be able to remember the numbers of everyone in your contact list, but it will be much better.