l liability on the employer and the state has been a subject of intense dispute over the years between the construction sector and the government. The video on YouTube “Manhattan Construction Insurance: Scaffold Law Basics” explores the particulars of the law that governs New York’s scaffold law.

In court, cases that concern interpretive and implementation of the laws governing scaffolding typically are favourable to the employee with a high cost of compensation as a result, industry reformers want to establish the “comparative negligence” standard to the scaffold law. In the event that negligence of an employee causes to an accident, this will reduce the liability. The demand for the inclusion of this law has caused heated debate since many supporters of the law argue that this is essential to protect workers.

Because of the risks associated with the construction industry, workers safety remains an important aspect for any local scaffold company. Stress reduction is a good thing and can reduce the need for cost-intensive costs for compensation.