of a home. If the home has been used for some time and then it is time to remove the old siding as well as give the house a breath of fresh air. Take Tom Silva, Ask This Old House’s resident specialist lead you through this step of home renovation and repair.

Understanding the basic design of the vinyl siding can help in making your installation process smoother. It is possible for siding to be affected by weathering and various other causes. The first step in the process of replacing your siding would be to get rid of the damaged parts. This video will guide you through the entire process of replacing, starting with the removal. After this step is completed, you’ll be given the explanation to help you understand how to install your new vinyl siding. You can replace the siding according to the seasonal change. This will save your from dealing with damage.

The repairs to your house can be easy. Learn this thorough guide as well as your siding replacement will add beauty and value of the home you love.