. It allows the criminal to leave prison so that they can pursue their case. This video will clarify the purpose of bail bonds as well as how to pay for them.

The bail amount will be determined by a judge during an arraignment. The amount is determined by how the crime occurred as well as the judge’s interpretation his evidence, and also the background of the accused. If the defendant has a clean criminal record and is a respected citizen and is a good citizen, bail can be lowered.

Bail can be paid by the the bail bondsman. The money will be kept up to the sentencing hearing if the bail is posted by the defendant’s relative or a loved one. If the defendant shows up to all of their scheduled court appearances, they’ll be reimbursed minus a fee the courts take for holding the bail.

If the person is in a position to afford bail and bail is not available, bail bondsmen is able to post bail. Bail bondsmen will charge 10-15% of the cost and post the remaining. The defendant doesn’t get the amount they paid, however they can keep their money safe and can help them out if they don’t have enough.

More details are available in the video.