“N for Good” provides a number of methods to alleviate lower back pain.

If you’re suffering from knots that are causing pain in your lower back area, lying down flat on a tennis ball or racquetball can be a great way to help. Tennis balls are placed on the muscles affected. The leg can be lifted toward the chest while doing this exercise. for about 10 seconds, you should hold your leg with your straight back. This puts great stress on the affected area.

Another great exercise is the snap, crack and pop. To perform this exercise, first lay both legs down on the table, or on the flooring. After that, you place one foot on the floor , and the one on the table. Now, turn your hand and keep the raised knee in the exact direction. Your other arm should be lifted towards the ceiling. Then move your body’s upper part in the an opposite direction.

Another effective exercise to help lower back health includes the prone scorpion the bird dog, as well as the standard bridge. These exercises build up the muscles that are located in the lower back.