Find a company that can keep your house warm during the winter. It is also possible to use in-situ heaters to warm small areas. In this short video, you will discover a variety of space heaters.

The first space heater to be mentioned includes the Lasko ceramic portable space heater. It is a great heater when portability is something you are looking for. It only weighs four pounds. The device can produce 1500W of heat, despite its tiny dimensions. The thermostat can be adjusted to regulate the temperature as well as prevent overheating.

Honeywell’s 360 degree surround heater comes the next. This is an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice functionality. It features 360-degree heating technology, which evenly heats any space. Its safety features include auto shutoff and double overheating protection. The heater is portable , and is equipped with a handle that can be placed on top. This Honeywell 360 Degree Surround Heater is a powerful portable heater.