Carpet cleaning firms will determine the type of rug you own.

The rug is then dusted in order to make it non-allergenic. The rug is spun to get rid of microbials as well as any large objects.

It is now pretreated to loosen dirt, oil and stains and gently pressure cleaned on both sides to remove all dirt. Then, a squeegee is used to push away all of the dirty water out of the rug. then it’s time for any shampoos, enzymes or deodorizers. In order to apply these devices, hand scrubbers with small brushes are utilized.

The rug is rinsed off by using shampoos and deodorizers. Next, it goes in the centrifuge to extract 95 percent of the moisture. Finally, it’s dried flat or hung.

Lastly, the rug goes through quality control where any stubborn stains or discoloration can be treated so that the rug look brand new.

The procedure of professional carpet cleaning can take about a week and should be done every one to three years. To find out more about carpet cleaning , take a look at this video!