There are numerous kinds of floors available. There are wood floors, vinyl, concrete, and engineered hardwood. Sometimes it can be hard to decide on the best sort of flooring for your needs. This video will clarify the difference between engineered and real hardwood. While these woods could appear identical but there are some key distinctions.

The main difference between these two types of wood is their resistance to humidity. The normal wood is not resistant to the effects of moisture. Even if it has a protective layer, the fact still hold true. The other side of the coin is that engineered wood is extremely resilient to moisture. Engineered woods feature an internal plywood layer that offers the resistance. They are therefore an excellent choice in areas that are at risk of moisture. Engineered hardwoods, like is a great choice for basements.

The way in which they are assembled is an additional difference between engineered and unengineered hardwood. Staples are required for traditional wood. On the other hand, engineered wood pieces can typically be joined like pieces of a puzzle. If you are planning to put engineered hardwood flooring on top of concrete, that makes it an excellent choice.