Tankless water heaters are difficult and require an exact installation that is done with the assistance of an expert plumber. We will review the process of installing a tankless water heater.
The gas lines that have larger capacities

Most tankless water heaters need more gas lines as opposed to traditional water heaters. This line of gas runs from the gas meter to tanks without water heaters.

The connection of the cold water supply

Use copper wires to connect the cold water supply to the water heater. Be sure to join the hot water source of the heater.

Make sure to plug in the power outlet.

The tankless water heater needs the energy to run continuously, which is why you require an electrical outlet right next to the water heater.

Talk to an expert

If you require assistance from a plumber or electrician, don’t hesitate make an appointment with them.

Installing a tankless tankless water heater doesn’t require a lot of effort, but you need to perform it right if you are looking to get it working. For more information about water heaters, as well as other home renovation projects, you can check some of our instructional videos on the subject.