Re, which could fall at any point. Prestressing is recommended to avoid these cracks, increase the strength of the beams and minimize deflection.

Steel bars are set in the bottom of concrete for strength and to keep it from being strained. It’s strong enough to handle massive loads. Prestressing is a way to eliminate the limitations of design that come in normal concrete. It is able to be employed in building structures that have large spans of unsupported lengths, like ceilings, floors, walls or bridges. Prestressed concrete is mostly used for commercial structures such as shopping malls, cafeterias and parking garages as well as school auditoriums.

Prestressed concrete can be formed in 2 ways. Pre-tensioning is the first. It involves stretching steel, before concrete is put in place. The ready-to-use concrete utilized is later transported using trucks from a manufacturing facility on the job site. Post-tensioning is the second option. It allows concrete to be set prior to when it’s stretched. This can be done on location and in the concrete is then used immediately. Concrete of this type can be used in a vast variety of projects that can withstand a lot of weight without risk of harm.