Garage sales are returning! If you are in the midwest , or close to any area that is rural, then you’ve probably seen one or two barn sales within the last few years. The barn sales will have lots of goods for sale, ranging from tiny needlework kits to massive Amish chicken coops. The barn sale is a great place to get bargains since you never know what you’ll come across. That’s why people who are thrifty love this. Are you interested in knowing the bargains you can find at this year’s barn sales? Here’s a video that demonstrates how two people made in a backyard sale.

The video shows how people who bought the barn found it to sell through a Craigslist advertisement. Keep checking Facebook Marketplace often to see every one of your local barns shops. This sale had 3 different barns next to each the other, each stuffed with old and antique furniture. They are stunning, and many of them priced higher than the advertised cost. Take a look at your local barn sales today, and who knows what you’ll come across!