For repairing the pipe you’ll need couplings with flex seals, probably more than one. It is necessary to use plastic pipe to repair the pipe. Also, you’ll need a grinder. Make sure to clear the area around the pipe of debris and dirt in order to be able to see what you’re doing as you perform your work.

The rough edges should be removed of the pipe rough with grinding. Wear protective glasses and gloves. You will then fit the rubber flex seals on and take measurements of how far between the two openings to figure out the quantity of pipe you’ll require.

After marking it and measuring the pipelength, you are able to make use of a hacksaw to cut it in half. After cutting the piping, smooth it out using sandpaper. After that, you can put the pipe in place using those rubber seals.

Make sure the clips are tight on the seals to ensure that the plastic pipe is nice and secure. You can then fill the hold with soil first, then gravel to surround the pipe then a layer of soil and dirt on top.

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