If you have any questions concerning the electric system at your house, it is best to understand how you can handle the system. There are a few terms you must be familiar with such as line/hot, load, neutral, and ground. If you’re using an outlet or switch, it is essential to take off the cover plate. This will allow the switch to be taken off and wires to be exposed. The cables that are in the rear of the box each have a job in order to be found, and you will find all of them by following some steps by experienced users.

Because it is all-powerful, it is the cable that powers power (or red wire) is the principal cable. The load, or red wire is the one that gets power from this hot cable. This is used by the lightbulb, fan or another appliance to be used for electrical usage. This is the neutral wire, which returns all volts which are not utilized to the system. The ground wire is typically green or copper and shields the circuit from surges of electricity coming from the source.