The peepers look stunning. However, most of us will never even have the chance of getting one of these stunning work of art. You can appreciate these amazing pieces of engineering from far away thanks to videos like those shown here. Even though you won’t have the money to buy this amazing car however, there are many great cars awaiting the purchase of your choice at your neighborhood car dealer.

In this video, Lamborghini reveals its new Lamborghini Vision Gran Turismo. It’s been named as it was created for the Gran Turismo Ultimate Championships video game scheduled for 2019. The sleek, black car features gold trim, and it is green. This car has been found to exist throughout every country in the world. One feature that immediately pops up is the “y” Tail light in a Y-shaped frequently employed by Lamborghini. Hexagonal exhaust pipes can also be found to the engine with aspirated V12. The display is, however, it is entirely digital. Furthermore, the display is projected on the glass. In addition, this car features additional racing suspensions furthermore, the display is projected onto the glass.