What are detectors? How can they work and why do you want one? In this video, we will explain the ways leakage detection systems can simplify your daily life, and help you save money.

Statistics do not lie. The likelihood of your house becoming a victim of fire or being smashed to the ground by leaks is extremely high. Leaks could cause a significant amount of harm to your home and could cause issues with your health. Given this fact, it is important to put in place a leak detection system in place.

The leak detection system works through monitoring the rate of flow that happens within a particular amount of time. When the flow rate is higher than the quantity you’ve set up in the unit and you are alerted, the unit will inform you. A quick detection is the key to successful leak repair. One of the great things with these systems of detection is the ability to set it up and leave it in place; but should a leak or issue be identified, you’ll receive an alert via your phone.

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