There are numerous decisions that need be taken. Business Insider’s video takes an inside look at one of the best American private schools, Phillips Academy in Andover. Staff and students love to refer to the school as “Andover”.

Andover is a boarding school in Massachusetts, also provides an educational environment that’s “day school” for students living within a short distance of. This insider’s guide to the school’s private nature takes viewers to a short tour around the campus and includes information from a student, Dean of Students, as well as Andover Director of Schools.

Learn about the lifestyle on this campus, what curriculum they focus on as well as the various ways the high school has been able to meet the requirements of their students in this quick video.

This video provides a brief outline of the things that this college has to offer students. It also explains details of what it’s “need blind” admissions process involves. Find out more about Andover and whether it’s the best fit for your student by watching the video. dhvf3qeo1d.