A bail bond is a written contract which guarantees that the party who signs it will be before the court on a specified day and time.

A person who is a defendant (or the person who has been arrested) must pay part of the fine. It is then a charge to the bail bond company, who makes sure that the defendant is present in court whenever necessary. Many bail bond services are available to assist people in obtaining release from bail for crimes that can be deemed bailable. Many people use bail bond businesses or private individuals to pay bail money.

A majority of states require that those who are likely to leave during the trial must have their bail reduced by a percentage. The people who are most likely to do so must pay higher fees in order to avoid prison. In some cases, bail-related custody demands that the whole bail sum be payable in cash. At other times, bail companies may offer to place the bond at a cost.

Detainees released on bail are required to follow certain conditions like staying within the jurisdiction, checking in regularly with law enforcement, or not contacting potential witnesses. If you violate any of the above conditions, you could be arrested and sent back to the jail. st2e1gdff6.