In the beginning, it is important to be aware of what constitutes a personal injury. What’s a Personal Injuries? A personal injury could be much more than just an injury which you suffer. A lack of care can trigger it to cause serious injury on the part of the victim. The victim may be entitled to damages for bodily injuries when the driver, doctor or business is acting in a way that neglects the health and safety of the person. If you are interested in the possibility of claiming compensation for bodily injury resulting from an accident in your car, you should contact an lawyer. A lawyer will make an appointment with you so you will be able to talk to him about the incident and decide if you’ve got any legal recourse. The attorney will explain what you have to do to file a lawsuit for personal injury. It is also important to find out in a lawsuit how much the attorney earn. It all depends on what arrangement you made with your lawyer. You can get contingency-based representation. If you qualify, you’ll receive representation without having to take any money from your pockets. Your lawyer will get an amount of the settlement once he or she prevails. xmv7kqluzz.