10. Sbarro. There is no way to go through an airport or food court without seeing one. It is easy to get a taste for Italian food once you spot one. Mellow mushrooms rank at top of the line. This is a urban and comfortable place. It is kind of like Pizza places on Facebook. Every pizza comes with the thickand savory crust. CICI’s pizza is ranked number 8. Customers are able to design your own pizzas and experiment by using different toppings, such as mac and cheese pizza. Round table pizza ranks at number seven. It is the ideal restaurant for birthday celebrations and families. There are plenty of legendary dishes on the menu. Papa Murphy’s is coming in as number 6. This recipe combines both frozen and hot pizza. The pizza is cooked at the restaurant, and you bake it at your own home. California’s pizza bake is next. California isn’t always the first thing one thinks of when thinking about pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza? For more information, please go to this link. llhu6774ga.