It can be difficult to understand the meaning of words if you aren’t in the industry. Understanding the specific languages people can speak will prove valuable and beneficial. The slope is the most fundamental definition of a roof. That is measured by the pitch. Certain roofs are higher than others. They will use dimensions in describing the slope. The higher the value that is higher, the steeper the roof. Eve is the upper edge of the roof. The eve can be found on the upper edge. This is where the roof begins. The portion that slopes or is pitch is known as the rake edge. If you have two rakes which meet it is known as a gable. It is possible to find a vent. Many people put vents there for style. There are many different components of eves. The general arrangement begins at the eve. Gutters are found under the Eve. There are two major methods roof slopes meet. These are called open valleys. To learn more about roofs check out this short video. 2q12r1dcug.