Seo reseller programs

Considering the fact that, in 2011, eCommerce sales were over $200 billion, any business that wants to expand would be wise to have a strong online marketing plan. Because not every business has the same goals, there might not be one online marketing plan that is right for everyone. However, most will include using search engine optimization tactics that improve the quality and content visibility of a site in order to improve its organic ranking. Some companies will use in house employees to accomplish this kind of online marketing, and others will use Seo resellers to do so. But regardless, SEO strategies are not the only thing a business should include in its online marketing campaign.

Although SEO probably should not be the only piece of an online marketing plan, it is a crucial aspect, and most campaigns would fall short without it. Since statistics show that 70 percent of the links users click on are organic, Seo is vastly important. Because of user preferences, an organic SEO strategy can be more effective than using sponsored results. It is perhaps the most natural way for a business to draw customers to their web site, and therefore, any online marketing campaign should include a SEO strategy.

Because over a billion people use social media, it is also important for an online marketing plan to include some kind of social media presence. Entering a conversation with potential customers is a great way for businesses to help them feel comfortable in buying products and services. Of the many social media marketers, 94 percent of them track the number of fans and followers that they have. Doing this, and responding to questions and comments from that population can help push any online marketing campaign to the next level and help a business set itself apart from the competition.

Estimates suggest that, in the U.S. retail sector, more than half of the dollars spent will be influenced by online marketing and web presence by 2016. This means that many companies who do not have a those could be left behind at that time. Even if businesses have been successful without one for many years, the changing climate and growth of the digital marketplace means that companies will have to adapt. Whether that means using SEO strategies, social media strategies, or both, can be difficult to determine, a business would be wise to have some sort of online marketing presence.